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I don’t print very often, but when I do, I always end up telling myself that I should print more. So I treated myself to some gratuitously huge 45×30″ prints. For an idea of scale, the photos pictured are on a double bed, and are a little taller (in their shortest dimension) than our doors are wide.

In this post I overthink the significance of large prints and lament loss of access to the uni darkrooms.

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ISO settings for video on a Canon 7D

Further to yesterday’s behind the scenes post, I thought I’d share the above video, which shows the levels of noise at various ISO settings on the Canon 7D.

Note that the cleanest image is not at ISO 100, as you might expect, but at ISO 160, which is probably the 7D sensor’s native ISO.  The video gets progressively noisier for each third of a stop above a multiple of ISO 160.  This leaves your options at 160, 320, 640, and 1250.  I used ISO 320 for yesterday’s shoot.

Via WetPixel.