Sapling, Haywood Oaks, April 2015

A sapling in Haywood Oaks, near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

John and Jane Carey’s Wedding

On the 23rd of July 2014 I photographed the wedding of John and Jane Carey (nee Crocker) at Yeldersley Hall in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I haven’t photographed a wedding for years, but John and Jane are tutors at my old college and it was an honour to document their big day.

More Burt Swan

A couple more of Burt, following on from the recent photo post.

Burt Swan

A rather regal-looking Burt Swan, photographed after the Swan family portraits.

Heathcliffe Swan

I had the pleasure of photographing the Swan family a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, their newest member: Heathcliffe. It’s been literally years since I’ve photographed a baby – or taken any traditional family portraits at all, for that matter – so I had a lot of fun photographing baby Heathcliffe. I also photographed the Swan beagle, Bert – look out for photographs of him in the next couple of days.

I don’t print very often, but when I do, I always end up telling myself that I should print more. So I treated myself to some gratuitously huge 45×30″ prints. For an idea of scale, the photos pictured are on a double bed, and are a little taller (in their shortest dimension) than our doors are wide.

In this post I overthink the significance of large prints and lament loss of access to the uni darkrooms.

Yesterday was a day that I’ve been dreading for weeks. On 1st June 2013, Google Reader was officially retired. Google Reader was a syndication service for the web. It allowed you to subscribe to websites, receiving updates in a similar fashion to receiving emails. I’ve been using Google Reader since around 2007, and am very sad to see it go. Discovering feed-reading services such as Google Reader is something of a Eureka! moment, like when […]

Kat’s first guitar lesson, June 2013

After not really picking up my guitar for a couple of years (which coincided with me becoming obsessed with photography, funnily enough), I’ve decided to start playing again. Kat said she’d like to learn, so I gave her a quick lesson the other night. And what do you teach someone who’s new to guitar? The opening bars to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, of course.

Rabbit, May 2013

Dead rabbit near the base of Thorpe Cloud, Derbyshire. I had an enjoyable day of printing in the colour darkrooms at NTU yesterday. This is a scan of my favourite print from the day. Technical info: 10×8″ colour c-type print on matte Fujicolour Crystal Archive. Expired Kodak Portra 160VC, 120 format. Bronica SQ-A, Zenzanon-S 80mm ƒ/2.8

Reconstructed shredded passport photo, May 2013 (original c. 2010)