Video created for my BA Photography studies at Nottingham Trent University.

Shot and edited by me around Nottingham Lace Market and Edin’s Deli Cafe, featuring and narrated by Katrina Harrison. Official description of this from our exhibition group’s website,

“My project combines old, found family images of and created by a deceased relative with newly-created footage of the family member who has inherited these images. The work explores the concept of the family image in physical and mental space. The subject of the video, Katrina, is a fellow NTU photography student who lives in and works around the Lace Market. The video exhibited conveys the sense of relevance and influence these images have on Katrina’s current practice.

Kat often studies in the quiet corners of cafés. As she works, both her and the physical space around her are overlayed with her Grandad’s images using a traditional slide projector. The images cover the wall behind her, but also illuminate three-dimensional objects between the projector and the wall; namely, her, the table and chair, and her study materials on the table. The projected images transcend the boundaries of the two-dimensional object and visually envelop her surrounding environment as she works, showing her spiritually accompanying her Grandad on his travels.”

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