Kat likes to forage things when we go for our woodland walks.

I’ve had this Banksy rat decal on my Mac for just shy of half a decade, but last week the time finally came for me to peel him off.

After years of playing guitar on and off, I decided it was probably time I learnt how to fingerpick. I’ve been getting pretty hyped for the new season of Game of Thrones, so I decided the GoT theme would be as good a place to start as any.

Red Panda, taken at Blackpool Zoo in June 2015.

Kat and I had some time off in June last year, so we decided to take a trip up to Blackpool.

A sapling in Haywood Oaks, near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

On the 23rd of July 2014 I photographed the wedding of John and Jane Carey (nee Crocker) at Yeldersley Hall in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I haven’t photographed a wedding for years, but John and Jane are tutors at my old college and it was an honour to document their big day.

A couple more of Burt, following on from the recent photo post.

A rather regal-looking Burt Swan, photographed after the Swan family portraits.