Kat likes to forage things when we go for our woodland walks.

Kat and I had some time off in June last year, so we decided to take a trip up to Blackpool.

After not really picking up my guitar for a couple of years (which coincided with me becoming obsessed with photography, funnily enough), I’ve decided to start playing again. Kat said she’d like to learn, so I gave her a quick lesson the other night. And what do you teach someone who’s new to guitar? The opening bars to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, of course.

Kat has an awesome camera satchel from Porteen Gear that she uses to carry her various cameras around with her when we’re out and about. Satchel-type bags are great for photographers because they allow easy access to your gear. I personally use LowePro rucksacks for carting my gear around (currently a CompuDay Photo 250 and a Fastpack 350), as I’m usually travelling with more than just my camera. If anyone has any particular preferences then I’d […]

WordPress 3.5 was released a fortnight ago, and along with it a new gallery system. The new system works significantly better with tablets than the old Fancybox system that I was using. Fantastic! Check out this new gallery for a demonstration (click on images to view them in the new full-screen gallery view). A couple of weeks ago, after a day spent revisiting old negatives and fawning over prints, it struck me that I was becoming […]