Victoria Centre flats, Nottingham

Project work has sort of taken a sideline to essay work recently, but with my essay now handed in I can spend the next (and final) week on my film project.  I was supposed to be out taking photos today, but thus far the skies have been really boring and I’m down to my last roll of film.  I’m waiting another hour or two and if the skies don’t clear up then I’m just going to have to do with overcastness and hope that the rest of my film arrives in the post tomorrow.

I’m still taking photos of residential towers, but I’ve found that using large format is prohibitively time consuming, not to mention slow, and time consuming.  And expensive.  I’ve found that it’s actually really nice to work with if you have plenty of time on your hands, so I’m going to try and persuade uni to let me take out an MPP over summer – you know, for if a situation arises in which I have loads of money and time.

Because of having to spend an awful lot of time on essays and stuff recently, I’ve been shooting a lot of medium format instead of large.  But I’m now out of medium format film, and I’ve been shooting a lot of stuff like this, which isn’t really relevant to my project:

Victoria Centre Flats, Nottingham…amongst other things, such as photos of Kat’s friend Kim eating, and Kat herself being very ill, neither of whom would appreciate having the photos stuck online.

…or maybe I will include it, I don’t know.  At least when I print it myself in the darkroom it won’t have those damn marks all over the sky.  Uni really should clean their scanners more often.