Saw this great lecture on creativity by John Cleese on Saturday.  It’s 35 minutes long and (though presented in spoken English) subtitled, but worth watching the whole way through. It’s interesting because on the face of it a lot of what is being said sounds obvious, but the framework through which it is explained stresses the importance of simple, fundamental factors; namely, that creativity is not a talent and isn’t related to IQ, that it can only happen when you’re in an ‘open’ mode, that it requires support and is stifled by negativity, and, most importantly, the degree to which ‘creativity’ is related to ‘play’.

I’ve always considered Cleese something of a legend, and so I consider learning about creativity from him akin to being taught how exposure works by Ansel Adams.  This is one of those lectures that sticks with you.  Watch the video before it disappears.

Via PetaPixel.